Focus on women’s health – Simple one-step abnormal pregnancy screening test

Focus on women’s health – Simple one-step abnormal pregnancy screening test

Goldentime is a lateral flow, solid-phase immunosorbent device designed to qualitatively detect intact hCG and hCGRP (human chorionic gonadotropin related protein) in urine. The test is a diagnostic device desianed for diagnosis of pregnancy and for risk assessment of abnormal pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy or abortion) from qualitative determination of hCG structure difference in urine.


PATENT in Korea, USA, China, and Europe!

Simple one-step abnormal pregnancy screening test

More than 98% accuracy

Specimen: 3-4 drops of urine

Detection limit: FSH 25mlU/ml

Storage : Room temperature (4-25℃)

Shelf life: 22 months


What is abnormal pregnancy?

Early Pregnancy Failure: This abnormal pregnancy occurs when there is a failure in the embryonic growth. This can be detected through an ultrasound. There are usually no symptoms of this condition except some bleeding or cramps. Inexscreen can detect your early pregnancy failure.

Ectopic Pregnancy : This condition occurs when the fertilized egq implants outside of the uterus. 99% of the time, the egg would settle in the fallopian tubes. However, it is also possible for the egg to settle in the ovary, abdomen, or the cervix. This can be very dangerous, if the abnormal pregnancy is not detected until later, one would need surgery to remove it.

Molar Pregnancy: This occurs when a genetic error takes place during the fertilization process, which leads to the growth of abnormal tissue within the uterus.

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