keeping original intention and seeking more development

keeping original intention and seeking more development

Mr. Meng Lingwen always be asked that”How is the enterprise founded by you and went into the international market as you are an amateur of biotechnology field  ”.He said shortly that”Do the goodness, Do not ask about the future”. He explained it to us, based on our present and doing conscientiously every little things in front if us, we can move forward steadily step by step, and have the confidence and strength to focus on the future. Secondly, the company leaders should have a good pattern and the sense of responsibility. The vigorous development of enterprises depends on the good policy of the country,  and the trust and support from masses of the people. When the enterprise develops well, it shall feed back to society. When the society is in trouble, it also shall help by the best


The good development of the enterprise has been recognized by all the level local governments. In 2015, it was recognized as "Hebei Science and technology SMEs" by the Department of science and technology of Hebei Province; In 2016, it was recognized by Hebei Credit Promotion Association and Hebei Credit Research Institute as a "contract abiding and credit valuing enterprise in Hebei Province"; In February 2016, it had passed ISO13485 system certification and obtained the CE certification; From 2018 till 2019, the company successively won the innovation and entrepreneurship Leadership Award issued by Gaobeidian municipal government; In 2019, it won the certification of high-tech enterprise issued by Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology; In 2020, it had been recommended as "Hebei '3.15' quality service integrity demonstration unit"


Under the leadership of Mr. Meng Lingwen, PRISES Biotechnology continues to expand its influence on society , shoulders its social responsibility and creates value for the society. Meanwhile, we will continue to keep pace with the times and learn the advanced technology, conduct in-depth research on medical market demand, strictly control product quality, cultivate innovative new energy, improve our own brand strength, highlight our brand charm, by expanding the international market, let the China's "smart" manufacture going out to the world!

Post time: May-26-2021
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